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The Essential Handbook for Ordering Your Dream Wedding Cake



Love, happiness and the promise of a wonderful future together are celebrated on your wedding day. Among other things, the cake is surely one of the most important parts of the wedding. However, selecting the ideal wedding cake can be intimidating. Where do you start with so many creative cakes available, from fillings and flavours to designs and decorations?

So, if you are also experiencing the pre-wedding heebie-jeebies about choosing the ideal cake, we understand! We have put together a comprehensive guide to assist you in selecting the ultimate wedding cake for your special day.


Finding the Perfect Style Wedding Cake

Today, wedding cakes have a myriad of options, from traditional cakes to floral cakes. With so many options to choose from, finding the cake that complements your overall theme can be daunting. That’s why, seeking inspiration from existing styles will kickstart your own creative process. Delve into magazines, Instagram or Pinterest. Pinterest is a treasure trove of amazing wedding cakes with several vibrant colour schemes and diverse styles that can help you personalise your cake. Pay attention to colour combinations that resonate with your wedding theme or personal preferences. Carefully curating a collection of inspirational images will help you effectively communicate your aesthetic preferences to your baker.


Size Is Important

When it comes to choosing a wedding cake, more focus is on its appearance and taste, overlooking the significance of size. Determining the size of your wedding cake is important to ensure every guest enjoys a slice of delight. The number of servings needed depends on the number of guests attending your wedding. Your baker, with their expertise, can help you calculate the appropriate size based on this number. They will consider factors such as the shape of the tiers and whether you want traditional wedding cake slices or smaller portions. Make sure to provide an estimated guest count.

Venue and Weather

It’s important to take the display environment into account while choosing the design for your wedding cake. The ingredients and design of your cake can be greatly influenced by the location and time of year of your wedding. Choose a cake design that can tolerate higher temperatures and humidity when using an outside setting, especially in warmer climates or during the summer. Even if they are delectable and visually appealing, delicate buttercream cakes may not hold up well in certain circumstances. You do not want your cake to melt!


Cake Tasting

Cake tasting at a wedding bakery is a delightful experience, isn’t it? Your baker will offer you a variety of cake flavours to sample during the tasting, from traditional selections like chocolate and vanilla to more exotic alternatives like lemon and raspberry. The tasting session gives you the chance to evaluate different cake varieties in addition to fillings and icing combinations.


Importance of Cake Frosting

The frosting used on wedding cakes is essential in terms of appearance and flavour. Frosting adds texture, allows for the creation of elaborate designs, and improves the cake's overall flavour. Here are a few types of popular and loved frosting you can choose from:

  1. Buttercream Wedding Cake: Buttercream frosting is a classic choice for wedding cakes, made from butter, sugar, and flavourings.
  2. Fondant Wedding Cake: Fondant is a smooth, pliable icing that is rolled out and draped over the cake to create a seamless, polished appearance.
  3. Ganache Wedding Cake: Ganache is a rich and decadent frosting made from chocolate and cream. It has a smooth, glossy texture that adds a touch of luxury to wedding cakes.



Choosing Your Wedding Cake Designer


Choosing the right cake designer for your wedding is crucial. Consider their portfolio, style, experience, and reviews. Schedule tastings and consultations to ensure they understand your vision and can deliver a cake that reflects your personality and enhances your special day. Don't forget to explore options by searching for "wedding cake makers near me" to find designers in your local area who can bring your cake dreams to life.


We, at Cake Walk, take pride in crafting wedding cakes that embody love and celebration. We use the finest natural ingredients and offer bakery wedding cakes with a wide range of flavours and textures to suit all couple’s tastes and preferences. With our dedication to excellence and passion for creating cakes filled with love and celebration, choosing us for your wedding cakes is the perfect way to ensure a sweet and memorable celebration.