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Things To Know Before Choosing Your Wedding Cake

Sweet, magical, and dreamy. Just like a wedding dress, a wedding cake is one of the most delightful parts of your celebration.  Naturally, finding one that suits the tone, style, and mood of your wedding can be a daunting task. But it’ll be a cakewalk with us. If you are searching for a vegan wedding cake near me or dreaming of amazing wedding cakes that will wow your guests, here are essential things to know before making your final decision. 

Start Early 

Begin your search for wedding cake caterers well in advance. Ideally, six months before the wedding. This provides you with a lot of time to think things over and research the cake according to the wedding theme. However, all this hassle can be saved if you simply pick Cake Walk. And we promise, you will be in for a surprise. 

Budget Matters 

Wedding cakes can vary widely in cost, so it is crucial to establish your budget early on. If you are looking for cheap wedding cakes online, you’ll find plenty of options at Cake Walk. Not just that but you can also get a bespoke cake for your wedding ceremony. Quality matters, and sometimes it’s worth spending a bit more to ensure that the cake tastes as good as it looks.

It’s All About The Theme 

Your cake should complement your wedding theme. For instance, if you are having a rustic celebration, country wedding cakes with natural elements like burlap, lace, and fresh flowers might be perfect. If you are looking for an elegant affair, a sleek modern design might be more appropriate. But hey, this is all just the beginning. With our bespoke wedding cake designers, you can create an exclusive cake you can call truly your own. 

Think About Wedding Cake Flavours And Fillings 

No doubt the design of the cake is important but in the end, it all boils down to flavour and fillings. Many couples opt for traditional flavours, such as vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry, but consider stepping out of the box with unique options at Cake Walk, such as lavender, matcha, salted caramel, or many other flavours. 

Tiers, Size, & Height 

The size of your cake will depend on the number of guests you are expecting. A 4 tier wedding cake is a popular choice and can serve a large number of guests while also creating a dramatic visual impact. However, if you’re having a more intimate celebration, you might opt for a smaller, but equally stunning, two or three-tiered cake.

Taste Test

Never underestimate the importance of cake tasting. This is your opportunity to sample different flavours, fillings, and frostings. Use this time to discuss your preferences and any specific dietary requirements with your baker.

Wedding Cake Personalisation is Key 

Your personal side of the story should reflect on your wedding cake. You can incorporate elements that are meaningful to you as a couple. This could be anything from colours and textures that match your wedding palette to intricate designs that showcase your memories. We are professionals at what we do and your bespoke wedding cake is waiting for you at our bakery.

Wedding Cake Delivery And Setup 

It goes without saying that delivering a cake and setting it up is not an easy task. You must ensure your baker delivers it and set it up skilfully without tarnishing it. Cake Walk delivers your cake safely and sets it up beautifully for your magical day. 

Don’t Forget The Topper

The cake topper is the cherry on top of your wedding cake. It could be a bride and groom figurine, a monogram, a photograph, or a fun and quirky design that represents you as a couple. The options are immense. It adds a final touch of personalisation to your cake. Make sure it complements the cake colour and design while choosing a topper for your wedding cake. 


Choosing your wedding cake is an exciting part of your wedding planning journey. By starting early, knowing your budget, and considering your wedding theme, flavours, and size, you can find the perfect cake that not only looks amazing but also tastes incredible. Remember to do a taste test, personalise your cake, and ensure it’s delivered and set up by professionals. Cake Walk will help you throughout these steps to find the perfect cake for your wedding. Happy Cake Hunting.